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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Presentation of the diploma program

April 3 | 18.00 |  Zoom
  • How to get a British Diploma in Marketing?
  • How is studying at the "Diploma in Professional Marketing" program?
  • What is the practical value of education?
  • In which countries is The Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma recognized and how do employers treat it?

We invite you to join the presentation of the diploma program from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.
You will have the opportunity to learn from the tutor and head of the CIM program in Ukraine the details of the program design, evaluation criteria and the presence of a practical component in the content.


The event will be useful for marketing managers or marketers planning a managerial career.
In one hour, you will receive comprehensive information about the most prestigious marketing education in Europe.

Speakers of the event:


Koshic Tatiana

Program selection manager

"IIB - provider The Chartered Institute of Marketing in Ukraine."



Bilenko Svitlana

Head of international programs

"Features of starting the Diploma in Professional Marketing program."



Pysarenko Natalia

CIM Marketing&Digital Strategy module tutor

"Content and learning methods based on the example of the Marketing&Digital Strategy module."

We are waiting for you
on April 3 at 18.00!


The event is free of charge, subject to prior registration

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